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TS Construction (TSC) builds luxury estate quality homes in exclusive locations in the Hamptons. Quality and craftsmanship distinguishes us from other construction companies. TSC was founded over 30 years ago. We are a privately held company with more than twenty employees. We have developed over 40 Grand Homes and Commercial Buildings. Our homes average 5,000 to 12,000 square feet and sell for three to twelve million dollars.

We take pride in our reputation for building prestigious homes. Creating grand homes takes more than just great construction. It demands great construction wedded to fine design, craftsmanship and quality materials to create an elegant and luxurious estate home.

Because of the impressiveness of our homes and their exclusive locations, our homes sell more quickly than other properties in the luxury market. Real estate companies work enthusiastically with TSC clamoring for exclusive listings. Our prestigious homes are considered a great asset in a real estate company's portfolio. The quality and distinctness of our houses assures the real estate agent a satisfied customer. Our buyers tell us they are extremely satisfied with the construction and the elegance of their TSC home.

Our buyers tell us they are extremely satisfied with the construction and the elegance of their TSC home. Professional athletes, prominent doctors and other celebrated professionals are among the satisfied customers who enjoy their grand homes, whether relaxing or entertaining, while their real estate investment appreciates.

You might say that you will be proud to entertain your guests in the comfort and beauty of a TSC home knowing that all the amenities are there for your convenience and enjoyment.

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Our value is in the quality and craftsmanship of our homes. One of our advantages is luxury-home-building experience. We have built and sold enough grand homes to know it takes both artistic style and detailed management of the project. Using our experience we:

  • Select exclusive building sites and elegant architectural plans fitting the location,
  • Retain and manage experienced skilled labor and use top-quality materials,
  • Insist on craftsmanship and quality.

The final product is a grand and elegant home. For the buyer: a growing real estate investment, a prestigious home and a legacy to be past down to future generations.

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Our attention to detail begins with the selection of our home site. Because of a well established reputation for fairness and excellence with the local team of:

  • Land owners,
  • Real estate agents,
  • Zoning and land management administrators

We are able to secure choice building sites. The location fits the grandeur of our homes and there is plenty of room for appreciation due to the scarcity of exclusive sites like ours. We specialize in only the most coveted lots in Bridgehampton and Watermill.

Once a site is chosen we have a world class architect design the home to take full advantage of the location. The architecture of our home is on a grand scale to match the site. We fully utilize the size of the lot adding luxury pools, pool houses and landscaping. This is not just a larger version of a track home with upgraded amenities - fine cabinets, hardwood floors, lavish bathrooms, but all homes are designed from the get-go to be extraordinary. We work with our architect to design for luxury and prestige and yet the overall effect is a sense of quiet understated elegance.

Contributing to the extraordinary sense of our project is the quality of the materials and the skill of our construction team. Eighteen people work full time building quality construction. Our workmen stay with us because we find the best and most reliable craftsman and we take care of them so they can concentrate on building a spectacular home. Our full-time constructions managers are always on-site during the building to oversee the quality of the materials and the quality of sub-contractor work. Again our reputation for quality and fairness allows us to procure the best sub-contractors. It would not make sense to skimp on the materials when we are investing to get the best labor. Bottom line we don't cut corners on our construction by using temporary laborers and we use only the top-of-line materials.

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Our quality in construction assures our home buyers that they will be satisfied for many years; the home will withstand brutal weather. In a TSC home you will not see cracked foundations, leaking roofs, flooded cellars, etc. Our homes are expensive because of the extra quality, but this excellence enhances the home's appreciation. The strength of our building and our classic design guarantees a prestigious legacy to be passed on from generation to generation in the tradition of a genuine estate home.